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Mullu means "the one", or "lucky" in "Quechua". A Mullu is the name of a shell that used to be a gift to the Gods by the old cultures of South-America.
To us, Mullu is as special as that. Not only because he was our first Peruvian hairless dog, but also because we waited so long for this special dog and he's so wonderful! He's so funny and sweet and so easy to handle. He sure is the dog of our dreams. And he's beautiful too.

With Mullu I did several obedience classes and all with success. After that we began to do Breitensport, a mix between agility and obedience. A sport he's very good at and fond of too! Mullu has also learned a lot of Doggy-Dance tricks.

Character: Very soft and sweet, introvert, lively, alert and sporty.

In Memoriam

Onze allerliefste Mullu is er niet meer. Mijn allereerste eigen hond waar het allemaal mee begon. Ik kan me nog herinneren, de dag dat je aankwam op Schiphol met je fokster. Wat was je mooi, lief en klein. Je was een heerlijke en makkelijke vent. Eigenlijk heb je ons in de maling genomen want door jou dachten we dat alle Peruanen zulke makkelijke honden waren. Verkeerd gedacht! Van jou kan (en wil) een mens er wel 10 hebben.

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26-05-2004 *02-12-2014
G0-2538263 (imp USA)
53 cm
18 kg
Negro Azul



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