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10-10-2010 Agility, 2d place

The baldies are doing great in agility! This sunday Atoq had his first "official" match in Nieuwegein. He joined the starters class (debutanten). Qhilla was in A Large class.
       First the Game. With Atoq I had to quess the finish time. Time between your time and real time is extra time. I totally blowed this one!!! I said 36 sec, and we ran 26 sec without faults... But, of course I was very happy Atoq was that fast and flawless.
Thanks to Bart Meeusen for the great pictures.

Next was Qhilla's game. We had to do a course and when flawless you could ran it another time till 40 sec. We had a wrong entry in the poles but a very fast time!

The Contacts (VP) for Atoq went great. He was fast and concentrated. I thought we were flawless but we missed one upgoing contact.

Qhilla was great on the VP. We got second place!!! With a little fault on the seesaw but we had a very fast time. Now, I can never say anymore my dogs aren't that fast. They are fasssstt ;)

I messed up Atoq's jumping. I wasn't concentrated enough and he went off course (in tunnel) so we got a disq.

Qhilla's jumping was a okay. 2 faults and a good time. Next time I have to be more alert in the last rounds.

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