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Perro Peruano PeludoAnterior
Perro Peruano Peludo is the beautiful Spanish name for the coated variety of the Peruvian hairless dog. In English: Peruvian coated dog, a stunning athletic dog with a character 100% Peruvian hairless dog.

Peludo con Brio de Huaca Viringo

Almost every Peruvian litter contains coated dogs. These coated dogs are not a breeding mistake, but inherent to the Peruvian breed. Whatever some breeders may say, genetically it is impossible to breed only hairless dogs. Every hairless dog also carries a coated gene. When these coated genes meet, it will result in a coated pup.

The coat is that of a short or a medium coated dog. It varies between short as that of greyhounds and Beagles and can be as long as that of a Kooikerhond or Border Collie. The breed standard prefers short coat. The colour of the Peruvian coated dog varies. Every colour is allowed. For example: brindle, black , sand, black and tan and tri colour.

The coated dog are officially recognized by FCI standard since august 2013. From that time the peludo can be shown and used for breeding. Exclude one third of our small population is not healthy for our breed so breeders should be very happy with this new opportunity. 2010 was a very special year for our breed. It was it's 25 anniversary and the first peludos got their official pedigree in Peru. But it took three more years to get the official standard.

We would like it very much if when our coated puppies go to very active and sporty homes. Coursing, agility, obedience, flyball, a Peruvian fits all!

Puchu de Huaca Viringo

Rica Yana de Huaca Viringo

Uchu Peludo de Huaca Viringo


Thanks to Melanie Chan of Zero-G Peruvian hairless dogs for these pictures.

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