Pup Nessu x Gitana
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Mazamorra Morada de Huaca Viringo

This rascal is still looking for a wonderful home.

Mazamorra is a very people oriented dog, she is relaxed but with humor and energy when she needs to. We are looking for an owner who has the time to raise a puppy and is looking for a great companion. It's not necessary to do sports with her, she's satisfied with everything she can join. It's the ideal dog to take everywhere with you she's very social to everybody without being flagrant. Mazamorra is eager to learn and smart. She sleeps all night long for weeks already and walks with and without leash.
In the puppy diary you can follow her from birth to 9 weeks. Right now she is going everywhere with us, so she is well socialized.
She is beautifully built and has a great set of puppy teeth. She seems (as it is now) suitable for show, breeding and dogsports but this is not necessary. A wonderful owner is all she needs. I think she will be a lighter built Peruvian of around 53 cm (I think she will be Doa / Elena type).

So many good things about one dog, there must be something wrong? I haven't found it!


Mazamorra Morada




Be Nessu Javanna
Gitana de Huaca Viringo

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