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We started our kennel after our first study trip to Peru. In North-Peru, where the Peruvian hairless dogs originally come from, the dogs were called “viringos”. Today, it's a common name for all the hairless dogs in Peru. The name sounds so beautiful that we decided that our kennel name should somehow include the word “viringos”. But how?
At the coastline of Peru we visited some historical sites to see the Perro sin Pelo there. Those holy places, temples, are called “Huacas”. That's why our name: “De Huaca Viringo”. Which means “of the hairless dog sanctuary”.

We are Sonja Kolijn and Jp van Zanten. Together with our dogs we live in the Netherlands.


Since I was a little girl I have always loved dogs. I grew up together with a German-Shepherd mix who belonged to my grand-parents. In my spare time I walked with many dogs in our neighborhood and almost everyday with the dog of our neighbors. A super-sweet Belgian Shepherd and Scottish Shepherd mix. And later with our own dog (a Basset Fauve de Bretagne).

Because of my allergies I knew that it would be better not to own dogs. But being crazy about dogs and not having a dog myself was unbearable! So I searched on the internet and all the dog-encyclopedias for breed were "hypo allergenic". And then I found out about the hairless dogs.

It would be five years before my wish to own a Peruvian or Mexican hairless dog would come true. Those years before I bought my first hairless dog I visited and wrote with many breeders and owners all over the world.
To become more experienced with dogs, and because it wasn't the right time to have my own dog, I became a volunteer at a dog shelter. Sometimes there would come a dog that needed a temporary home. That is when I found the "Dierenhulp Cadiz", a foundation that helps animals in Spain and supports a shelter named "Kimba" in Cadiz. For this foundation I arrange "distance adoption" and when I have more time I would go to the market to advertise the adoptable pets at the dogs shelter.

In 2004, after years of waiting and searching we finally got our own dog. Zero-G Chaska's Mayu. "Mullu" (26-05-2004) a large Peruvian hairless dog and everything I dreamed of. Thanks Melanie and Frank! A fantastic dog who goes nearly everywhere with me, Mullu is very social and easy to handle. Together we have done a couple of obedience classes and after that we began to compete in Breitensport. Now I train agility with the younger dogs and Mullu's enjoying himself on our long walks, our clicker sessions and his harem.

Besides caring for my dogs, studying is also a big hobby. Since 2004 I've been doing a lot of cynological courses, seminars and trainings. I began the study to be a exterior judge and in 2010 I got my first breed. The Chinese Crested. In the future I hope to be a dog judge for several breeds I feel attracted too. Especially group V breeds and breeds with very small populations. Genetics and health of dogs is one of my big interests.


Jp is also a huge hairless dog fan now. The trip to Peru was his idea and arranging trips (and other things) is his job. He also does a lot of communicating with breeders and dogfriends. We complement each other. Sonja is the practical one and Jp the technical one. We do nearly everything together. We go to shows together and travel a lot.

When we had trouble finding a second dog or a breeder to sell us one, our desire to breed became very strong. Of course we were interested in breeding before, but the wish to have more dogs have made us decide to accelerate our plans. We have a good technical base but we realize that we are real dummies. Luckily we get help from a lot of breeders with excellent know-how in Peru and we have here our friend Jennifer Gielisse near to advice us. She is quite well known in the hairless dogworld! (breeder of Xoloitzcuintle) Unfortunately Jennifer died in 2009 at a far too young age. A very special person gone.

Of course our dogs live in our house and they are our friends. We do a lot with them and the get a lot of exercise. Every day we walk at least 1,5 hour with them and they can run and play free. Besides that we do courses with them and biking.

We think feeding raw is the best and the most natural way to feed your dogs and that's what they get. They get meat, fish, bones, organs, fruit and vegetables. It's so good to see them enjoy their meal and work for their food. At our house you won't see a dog dressed up very much. Only when it's really neccesairy will they get their clothes put on. It's a primitive type dog that can adapt everywhere very easily. Even in our climate, we think. And it's truth.

We wish you a good time on our website. Enjoy!
When you have questions or want to discuss things, feel free to e-mail us.

Jp and Sonja

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